Erika's Ride - Other Coorespondence and Acknowledgements

Countless people banded together to make this journey a success. It's impossible to name them all - many are close friends, many are the strangers who practiced random acts of kindness along the way. All are what reminds me, how blessed I am. The summer really was incredible -- a walk down memory lane: an embracement, while I pedaled across the country, of people who made significant differences in my life and places that held special meanings, while exploring our incredible country, meeting new people, and embracing new challenges. The phrase, "I couldn't have done it alone," is truly true.

Thanks to: Those who encouraged me to grasp the dream over the years, and for this summer in particular (including the, just do it!); Lisa Laymon for her invaluable editing talents on my solicitation letter along with Liz Doty, Martha McClatchie, Josh Lipp, and Jim Kramer; Sandy and Juan Palicio for the logo creation and perfection; Lisa for the solicitation letter printing and technological wizardry; Kris Shick for the amazing artwork for the thank you cards; Scott Pinkner and RR Donnelly (and Kinkos) for the printing of the thank you cards; my training companions, especially the crazy Tuesday 6:30 am regulars, Josh Lipp, Matt Feuer, Sarah Clatterbuck and Rick Warner; Naomi Granoff, Chris Tomomatsu, Martha McClatchie, Sherry Smith, and Lisa Crooke for the mailing party; Liz, Debbie, Mary, Frank, Karen, Kathy, and countless others who assisted with creativity, sweat equity, time and senses of humor for the send-off party; Kathy for dirt cake and the mapping project; Creative for the leave of absence; all the donors who took to heart, "as individuals you may not think you can make a difference, but as individuals, banded together, we will" who contributed to raise over $61,000 for the Komen Foundation; Dave O'Neal for the computer delivery and loan, and subsequent purchase; Frank Scioscia and Karen Zack for keeping the bill collectors at bay, my home operational over the summer and their constant and never-ending encouragement (and Frank for getting me into this cycling thing); Karen for sending all the emails out; Dave Olson for the website initiation, design, management and hosting; Martha McClatchie for managing the spreadsheet; Julie Vehrenkamp and Lisa Laymon for the much appreciated care packages; friends and family for the notes, emails and cards at the weekly mail calls; Frank and Karen and their kids Katie and Colin, Vivian and Joe Knoerle, John Emmel and Paul Ries for coming out and pedaling with me; John and Lisa Heilbron, Robin and Brian McGee, my cousins, the Robinsons (and for the protein power bars), and my Aunt Blanche, Kathy Hargis (and for the pedaling into Rochacha), Chigee Cloninger, Bill and Stacey Edgar for the hospitality along the way. Barb, Richard and their son, Michael, along with Jennifer, Bill and Chloe, for greeting me at the Atlantic Ocean, and their special understanding of my needing to "close" the summer prior to "re-entering" life; Barb, who spent two wonderful days with me at Rocky Neck, just outside of Gloucester, just after the ride and her mom for the fundraising tea in DC; Carolyn Rhegness, Liz Peterson and Lisa Mackie, my number one girl scout friends, for their flexibility and a wonderful several days at the West Virginia cabin; Barb's mom, Bella Jacobs, for the DC fundraising tea; Cycle America for a phenomenal job in making the summer the summer our own personal journey and for Cycle America's commitment to charitable causes; and, to my 43 comrades with whom I spent the summer (and especially Peloton Latte), strangers on June 15, family on June 16 - I wouldn't have wanted to do it without you. And, last, but not least, to the Komen Foundation for their aggressive commitment to innovative research to fulfill its mission of finding treatments for breast cancer so it is no longer a life-threatening disease. And, a special thanks to my Mom, Barb, and the millions of other women battling, or who will battle, breast cancer -- for the inspiration, strength and encouragement. Finally, one last thanks, to YOU, for being a part of the community that formed to making this venture more successful than even I could have dreamt.


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