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Bicycling Is an ‘Intersection of Passions’ For This Attorney

By Renee Deger
The Recorder
June 13, 2002

There are reasons aplenty for not riding a bicycle across the country -- pedaling up mountains, saddle sores, getting bugs in your teeth.

But lawyer Erika Rottenberg has one motive that trumps all the excuses -- her mom.

Rottenberg lost her mother to breast cancer so she's biking across country to raise money for breast cancer research.

"I love to bicycle and I care deeply about breast cancer research, so this is an intersection of my two passions," Rottenberg said.

On Saturday, the general counsel of Creative Labs Inc. in Milpitas will fly to Seattle, the starting point for her three-month, 2,400-mile trek that will end in Boston.

She's not riding alone, however. She'll be traveling with a Minnesota company, Cycle America Corp., which organizes and runs lengthy bike trips as vacations for bicycle enthusiasts. Rottenberg said the company is letting her ride in its cross-country trek at cost because of her charitable effort.

Friends, family, colleagues and even strangers who've learned of her efforts have contributed more than $30,000, which Rottenberg has earmarked for the national Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Some of her friends will even do more than write a check. A handful of brave bikers -- one of whom is undergoing treatment for breast cancer -- are meeting Rottenberg along her route to bike for a day or two. She'll even have some friends along when she celebrates her 40th birthday on June 26.

Rottenberg's mom died in 1983 while Rottenberg was in college. Since then, she's worked as a schoolteacher, attended law school and was a Cooley Godward associate. She left Cooley in 1996 for Creative Labs, where she's now general counsel and vice president of strategic development.

Four years ago, she started bicycling and loved it. She taught school as a way to give back to the community, and now that she's a company lawyer, she said she's using her bicycling efforts as a way to give back even more.

Senior Writer Renee Deger's e-mail address is

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