Erika's Ride - "Ode to the Penske"
Ode to the Penske

As I sit here with my nose running.
My stocking cap on to keep my bald head warm,
I long for the Penske to arrive, to do my upper body harm.
I long for Ben who trashed the bags. I wished I could greet
Mary, Kathleen, Sherrie, Mark, Alan and Deb at the back of the ramp in anticipation of the bags soon to come arriving at our feet.
I miss those turquoise bags of Gail's, the rubber body bags of the Young's, the two red bags of Alan's full of tubes, tires, brake pads, cables, tools, tire pump and his whole garage thrown in just in case. The black hard case of Rick's full of lead, that why he complained of a bad back and who could ever forget Tyler's back pack with everything attached.
I miss the staff that always had good cheer and who sweat out all the beer unloading the Penske. Those people of the Pelaton Latte crowd really missed out, racing that Penske to next parking lot. God it was a thrill just to beat that yellow monster there.
I was really depressed when Ben wrecked it, because I thought the fun was over, but Rich, knowing the meaning of the Penske didn't let us down, that evening just like an old dog here came another one. Aha! a new one to race.
I remember the morning when Mark threw his bag on top of Rich's head, he was sleeping in the Penske. Oops! We're in trouble now.
I loved the sound of those bags, with wheels, go flying down the ramp, just goes to show you how good plastic really is. T'was a marvel those bags survived all the pounding we gave them, T'was a miracle those of us that unloaded them don't have tennis elbows and bad backs.
I miss those candies Rich would give us for helping with the unloading, ah! Pavlov.
I will always wonder the motivation for paying all those bucks just for a chance to unload the trucks. Ha!
Now when I see a Penske coming at me I rev up the Adrenalin cause I'm ready you see to race that Penske just it and me.
What an experience. Let's do it again!


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